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Good Bye Newspaper :*(

Newspaper was a great experience for me, because i love to write. I met new people and learned new and interesting things about writing. I really enjoyed editing students work and seeing different ways to write. Also i met someone that i knew from the bus,but not that well. Her name is Heather Priante she is very sweet and she helps me when i need help. She is a awesome friend to me. And if i was here at Land O ‘ Pines  next year i would most definitely join again. Newspaper was a amazing after school club!!

By: Haley Cuozzo


Spring Concert is Finally Here!

The spring concert is finally here!!!!! May,30 the band and chorus finally get to show off what they have been working on, almost the whole year. The day concert will be at 1:30, but the chorus and band have to be there at 1:10.At night the concert is at 7:00, but chorus and band has to be there at 6:30. The chorus and band have to dress in black and white. Mrs. Cheung and Mrs.Mori have prepared them so much for this last and will be amazing concert. Sadly for the fifth graders this concert will be there last concert at LOP School. All the teachers that been helping them to get ready for this last  and exciting concert, really helped us a lot because we all have improved so much since last concert. And for the fifth graders that are participating in the concert all just really want to thank there teachers for helping them along the way, and teaching them the greats of music ( or how to play an instrument and to sing better).

* Thank you Mrs.Mori and Mrs.Cheung for a great and wonderful year! 🙂

By: Haley Cuozzo and Heather Priante

Get to Know More About The LOP Band

Mrs. Cheung, the both beginner and advanced band instructor, has worked very hard as well as the band students of LOP to put together a performance that will be like no other! The beginner band will be playing old classics such as Old McDonald and Camp-town Races. The beginner band also will play Skip to my Lou and Long Long ago.As The advanced band will be playing 6th grade music such as Pirates of The Caribbean. The beginner band and the Advanced will play Rio Bravo and Star Wars together. Good Luck Band in your Spring Concert!



By:Heather Priante from 4-C

The National Anthem at the Blue Claws Game!

Every year Mrs.Mori picks about 20 students from the 5th grade chorus and lets them sing the national anthem on the field at the Blue Claws game. You know you have got selected to participate when you receive a white folded envelope with your name on it. In the note it will state that you have been selected to sing the national anthem and what time it is and when you get there to meet at the information booth. There you will meet with Mrs.Mori and the other chorus members that also got selected to sing. Also there is a dress code….. white top,blue jeans, and sneakers. And in the note it will say to not wear cutoffs,sandals,shorts and etc. Mrs. Mori says that the kids who got picked to sing will be well behaved, not to scream, and to be responsible to have this wonderful honor to sing there. After the kids sing they will take a bow and wait for everyone to finish clapping then to quietly and well behaved to go meet there parents to finish watching the en-joyful game. ( hoping the Blue Claws win!!) As well as the others who can only sing and not stay to watch the game, will go home right after the national anthem. But sadly for the kids who got picked to sing but couldn’t came got replaced. Also for the kids who didn’t get picked, tryed there best and we thank them for participating.In couple weeks this wonderful game will occur. And lets wish the kids who got picked as well as I good luck at the game!!!!! (P.S. Lets hope the Blue Claws win!!)
By: Haley cuozzo

Music Share Day Result!

The Music Share Day had a wonderful result. There were so many people who participated in Music Share Day. And I learned so many things from Music Share Day, some things people did were……. dancing, singing, posters about musicians, and posters about instruments and much more. The music teacher loved it, it was an amazing turnout. Every kid supported each other when each went up. And a couple more still have to go up next week  to finish there’s. And some big projects get to get hung up outside the music room, so if you didn’t get to participate in Music Share Day you can see some of the other things people did. And if you are participating you can get ideas maybe from these couple of projects. Also, I think Music Share Day is great to get to know your classmates better and get to know what they love to do and what they are good at. And your music teacher can get to know you better to in a musical way. The kids who walk outside the music room can even get to see your work, and to get to know you better to (if you wrote your name on your work.) Music Share Day was amazing!

This is our Music Share Day presentation. It was made by me (Haley), Ejona, and Jordyn.

Getting ready for the spring concert!

In band we’re  doing about 10 songs.  The band is combining  3 songs to make one big song. In band we are working so hard that we are sweating even more. The whole band is very excited for the Spring concert. At first all the songs looked hard but now they look easier. The Spring concert is Wednesday May 30th.

By Heather Priante from 4-C

Zayn Malik from One Directions Birthday

Do you know when Zayn’s birthday is?  If you don’t I’ll tell you. Zayn’s birthday is January 12,1993. Did you know that Zayn Malik is 19 years old?

by: Haley and Heather

Music Share Day!

This upcoming Tuesday there will be a music share day in Mrs. Hardy -Wiessel 5th grade class. Music share day is all about showing everyone in your class and your music teacher your talent. Different things people will be performing are…….. singing, rapping, dancing, performing a play, putting on a skit, making an instrument, cheering, making a poster of an instrument or musician, showing a musical instrument, and showing a scene from a video. All this can be done with a partner. To participate is optional, but for everyone to join in will be more fun. The performance should be at least 3 minutes long.  Also a lot of things people want to do is to make a PowerPoint to show their presentation and to express your-self, in a music way. Everyone is looking forward to this special day and everyone is excited for it and to share!!!!!!! 🙂

by: Haley Cuozzo

One Direction

Have you ever heard of the British band One Direction? One Direction started their career on X Factor. One Direction had 2 million recording contracts with Cowell’s company.  The members of One Direction are Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson. Did you know that One Direction had 6 tours in all? Did you know that the average age of the members in One Direction is 17?

Listen to One Direction’s song “What Makes You Beautiful”

By.Haley Cuozzo and Heather Priante


Howell Middle School North Presents “Willy Wonka Junior” !

Howell Middle School North just recently on March 16 and 17,2012 had a play performed at their school. The play was “Willy Wonka Junior.”  It was a fantastic performance, it had all girls in the play, no boys what so ever.  The play was associated with the P.A.L. . The words and music by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley. It was based on the book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” The play had 93 people starring in it, and 2 understudies. There were 2 dance captains as well. Also the 12 people in the tech crew helped out a lot. In the performance there were 15 songs sang, and there were 3 different scenes. The play couldn’t have gone on without all the parent volunteers, that supported and helped in the play. And a big thanks to all the families of the cast and crew for their time and dedication. All the families and friends gave the cast and crew so much confidence and inspiration to put on the wonderful performance. Great job to all people who participated in the play it was great!!!

by : Haley Cuozzo